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Judi Castille Design

Whimsical fabrics, ceramics and needlecraft for home and garden

Classic pastoral designs for interiors

Fun colourful fabrics for nursery and children's rooms

Themed fabrics for poultry coops and projects

Illustrated and designed in-house from Thistle Cottage studio

- Guineas, ducks, geese, chickens, bees, wild hedgerows and flowers -



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Busy Country Bees

The Busy Country Bee collection celebrates our diverse polinators, makers of deliciously sweet honey and the characters that these bees are famous for. Choose from six little bees illustrated and hand printed on large stoneware mugs.

Honey bee works hard to make honey, but Bumble bee often greedily eats it all by lunchtime. Carpenter and Mason bee are busy building homes to keep dry, while Leafcutter and Solitary bee manage the garden pollinating. A little team to brighten your own busy days.

Each bee is complimented by an illustration on the reverse of the mug and honey gold and blue stripes.

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Stoneware Mugs

Judi hand prints these large capacity 450ml stoneware mugs, available in Oxford Blue, Yellow and Soft Pink in fun, whimsical designs, inspired by her own geese, chickens, ducks and guineas.


Linens and cottons

Linens and cottons make wonderful home decor products and are ideal for craft projects too. Judi designs colourful collections that can be mixed and matched for home, children's rooms and nurseries. Inspired by her own homestead poultry, many designs can be used to customise campavans and poultry coops.


Needlepoint and cross-stitch

Many of the designs Judi illustrates are available on canvas and Aida cross stitch fabric. 10, 12 and 14 hole, with high colour sensitivity and custom thread options.


Themed mugs and fabrics

When a goose gets sick from eating a sock, or a duck gets into trouble for eating too many peas, or turkey is finding it hard to control her class, you need to sit back and grab a tea or coffee in one of these lovely, detailed, colourful themed mugs. Fabrics available too for budding young vets and other aspiring children, to decorate rooms and nurseries. Over the next few months the set will include: School-time, Farming, In Court and Construction, with more added next year.


Pastoral Poultry

A colourful poultry design suitable for upholstery, curtains, cushions or any home decor projects. Featuring cockerels, chickens and wildflowers.


Vintage and Traditional

Whether you love turn of the century gingham, 1950's pinks, or designs with vintage or retro colour themes, keep an eye on this collection over the coming year.

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Nursery and Children's Rooms

Bright coloured fabrics featuring fun fairs, circuses, balloons, birds, sea creatures and other fun designs to help you theme rooms. Just add imagination and favorite toys.

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Pastoral Designs for Interiors

Whether your looking for classic designs in strong colour-ways, or soft country style fabrics or something a little more retro or modern, we have a range to suit. Designed from Judi's illustrations, photography or collection of second-hand fabrics, you will find designs full of flowers, bees, moths and butterflies.


Naughty Goose

I have nine Tolouse geese in my orchard, but one - Bumble - is very naughty. If there is anything he must'nt chew, or a place he should'nt hide in, or a chicken, he knows he should'nt chase, he does.

I therefore created the Naughty Goose Collection, for anyone who has one or would like one. I am currently working through the Alphabet on 26 designs that will feature on stoneware mugs and fabrics for cushion throws.

Featured are:

H - Honk-Honk noisy goose

S - Snoozing whilst snorkelling

E - Egg nest busy


About Thistle Cottage

Thistle Cottage

Welcome to my shop, where you will find lots of fun designs for your home, children's rooms and nurseries. I illustrate and design all my products from a small garden studio overlooking a French country lane , Inspired by my own homestead and poultry, I offer themed and mix-n-match collections. I work mainly in coloured, wax and charcoal pencils and print all the mugs and canvases myself. My fabrics are currently printed in Germany and all my packaging is manufactured in Europe from sustainable sources.

My orchard garden is home to eight naughty Tolouse geese, Pekin ducks, chickens, cockerels and guinea fowl. I own two Jack Russells and five cats. Many feature in my designs and I hope that you will be inspired to use them for other projects too, like customising campa vans and poultry coops.

The design here is called Pastoral Poultry and features many of my rescue cockerels. I support three rescue charities in America, Australia and England and regularly contribute to forums on animal husbandry.

For more about my homestead life and designing, please visit my blog:

Judi Castille fabric, home decor, ceramic and craft products, handmade, illustrated and designed in France.  Whimsical poultry and countryside themes, childrens fabrics, crafts for chicken, duck, goose and guinea fowl coops. Campavan fabrics.

Judi Castille Design

I was born in the East End of London, England. For over thirty years I had a career as a management tax accountant in industry, but I always sketched, wrote stories and dreamed of one day owning a studio in France, a country I loved for its unique rural landscape and stone barns, from where I could pursue my passion for fabric designing, illustrating and sewing that started way back as a student.

In 2019 I bought a farmhouse and a factory, from where myself and my husband, who designs too, could ultimately make and print all our products in-house. We source regularly from the local brocantes, for pre-loved materials for products and to furnish our creative spaces and home.

Two of my Pekin ducks - Heff and Daisy - feature on my Thistle Cottage Logo.