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Collection: Themed and characters

Love poultry and want a themed set of home decor for kitchens, children's rooms and nurseries; or your a professional vet, charity, or rescue and want themed products to use or raise money?

Illustrated designs featuring poultry characters getting up-to all sorts of mischief, solving problems and having fun.

The Vet Hospital is the first of many designs coming to the shop, that features your favourite poultry getting up to all sorts of trouble.  Goose has swallowed a sock and surgeon Duck needs to administer a melon drip. Sister Frizzle is on hand to provide peas, whilst Runner Duck checks the heart monitor. But time is ticking, and the Pea clock says Duck mustn't take too long, as everyone wants a tea or coffee.

Choose from Oxford Blue, Soft Pink or Yellow. Large capacity stoneware mug, suitable for microwave.

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